2019 Sterling Hill Haunted Mine

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2 Dates Through Oct 26, 2019

We dare you to come and take a tour of the haunted mine. Our ghosts and spirits are stirring and are looking for new guests to join them. Do you think you can make it out.......... alive? BWAHAHAHA!!!!! You will ride in on a train then walk the tunnels as you hear the stories we try to keep under wraps the rest of the year. The train will be entering every 10 minutes in groups of 12. Let’s hope this isn’t your final departure. 
We offer The first hour of each night as a not so scary version. Which means the train will not enter into complete darkness and our ghosts and ghouls will not jump out at you, but we ask you to  remember it is meant to be scary. We will try not to make it as scary as normal. THEN AT 7:00 ALL CHAINS ARE REMOVED!!!!  
This is a fundraiser to send the 8th grade class of Ogdensburg School to a Graduation trip to Boston and Great Adventure. Sterling Hill Mining Museum graciously supports the school and our community so please feel free to visit the mine for a regular tour before the haunts arrive.

Pre-sale Tickets are HIGHLY recommended!! You can purchase at the gate but you face long waits on the Will Call Line.





Please arrive 20 mins to 30 mins. prior to your ticket time to check in. Pre sale are not mandatory but HIGHLY recommended. We can not guarantee all walk in visitors will be placed in a group and wait times may be extensive.
Sterling Hill Haunted Mine. 

No touching, poking, punching, or pushing our ghosts and ghouls!

Anyone suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be denied entry!

Sterling Hill Haunted Mine

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